Amazon Basics Large DLSR Gadget Bag Review

Amazon Basics DSLR gadget bag, The bang for the back quality Camera Bag!

A few weeks ago, I bought the Amazon Basics Large DSLR Gadget bag. I was looking for a backpack but my order before this was canceled by the seller. So I just decided to go with this bag because this is my second choice.

My first impressions – It was really a nice big bag, I was not really expecting it to be that big. I can fit my Sony a6000 camera with attached lens on the center compartment + having 2 small to medium sized lenses on the side and the mini compartments for your small accessories like battery, memory cards, etc. The bag fits all the accessories I need and actually a lot of space for my camera body, it fitted my Sony a6000 with any of my current lenses attached, Yashica 55mm lens, Sigma 30mm lens, 16-50mm kit lens. I also have my Godox trigger and godox speedlight that fits on the bag’s main compartment.

The built quality is good for casual usage but it is not the best. Considering the price point of the Amazon Basics camera bag, it is a good deal if you are not a choosy type of guy.


Build Quality – The bag has thick padding which makes it more durable and the exterior is also thick and sturdy. It comes with 5 padding that you can customize inside the compartment. The exterior material is nylon, it is a solid build. It has 4 mini compartments and 1 main compartment. 2 on both sides of the bag, 1 in front, and 1 net type compartment inside.

My cons – This is not the perfect camera bag you can buy on the market but very usable for some situations and depends on your purpose. the one small thing I really don’t like about this Amazon Basics DSLR gadget bag is the squeaking noise on the strap holder. While walking especially doing street photography and photo walks, it can really be heard by other people. Another thing I don’t like about the design is I cannot access the front compartment because of the strap clip that blocks it.


Wrapping up – Having this bag, so far, just do what a camera bag needs to do. It can hold my mirrorless camera, 2 lens, 1 trigger, and 1 speedlight. Plus the small accessories I need like extra memory cards, batteries, cleaning kit and etc.. Wasn’t the best bag out there but it will do the job just fine.


You can get the bag here, two color options: Orange interior and Gray interior. :