The Manfrotto Medium Street Backpack is a stylish camera backpack for everyday use. It’s a stealthy piece of craft!

After weeks and weeks of searching for the camera bag that suits me, I think I found it. I was looking for a camera backpack that doesn’t look like a camera bag. That’s my main goal. I saw a lot of other bag designs that are very “Camera baggish style” if you know what I mean. I am not a full-time photographer but I want to bring my camera with me every day in case I want to take a picture of something. The bag can also be used as a normal bag by just removing the bottom compartment dividers.

What’s on my Bag?

Since I use a mirrorless camera, I have more room for other camera stuff. Here are the things that I can fit in the main camera compartment of the bag.

  • Sony a6000 with 16-50mm kit
  • Sigma 30mm f1.4 + Lens Hood
  • Yashica 55mm f2
  • Godox tt350s compact Speedlight
  • Godox x1t-s trigger
  • Extra batteries & cleaning kit

And for the top compartment, these are the personal items I always bring with me.

  • 2 extra shirt
  • GoPro
  • Some foods
  • Small Joby gorilla pod
  • Flash drives or external HDD
  • Wallet
  • USB connectors

The bag just perfectly fits my things for a day trip.

The Pros & Cons of Manfrotto Street Backpack

Not all camera bags are perfect, some are built for a reason.

Manfrotto medium street backpack PROS:

  • “non-camera baggish” looking design.
  • The backpack strap is pretty strong even at full capacity load
  • Has tripod holder
  • Water resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Paddings are good and reliable
  • Has Laptop Compartment

Manfrotto medium street backpack CONS:

  • The camouflage design on the camera compartment can be easily damaged by the velcro.
  • The outside design can be easily scratched.
  • The tripod holder design/placement is bad.
  • Chest mount support is not so practical, I hope they just use lock type.

The backpack costs $139.99 which is, I think, you can buy a better camera bag for that price range. But overall, I am still happy with the Manfrotto street backpack because of its quality and style. You can also check the Manfrotto tri-large backpack which is also a really great bag and is actually my first choice but I can’t find any shop with availability.

The Manfrotto medium street backpack is on sale at Amazon!


My honest rating for the Manfrotto Medium Street backpack is 7/10. The bag is a great bag but not the best for the price. I saw other camera backpacks that have better build quality at the same price or even cheaper. I felt a bit of regret when I had it the first few time using it because I thought it is not worth it. But as I am using the bag on different adventures and trips, I started to love it. I will suggest the Manfrotto medium street backpack to photographers who want a quality and sturdy camera backpack and space for their personal things while carrying the photography essentials.