My Top 4 Camera Stores You Can Visit in Dubai

We know that Dubai is the country where you can buy anything you need from the cheap ones, to the very luxurious items.

This also applies to the camera gears and equipment need. Whether you’re a photographer or filmmaker, you can find everything and anything you need on my top 5 list of camera stores that you can visit in Dubai.

I, myself love to go to every camera store I see to check the items that I might buy the next time I go there. Maybe some of you that have have been in to a lot of camera stores to check the best deals especially on the malls of Dubai.

In this article, I will share to you some of my favorite camera stores I have been and hopefully will help the new comers find the best stores here in Dubai.


1. Advance Media


Located at No. 410 4th floor Al Khaleej Center Bur Dubai – Dubai 

Camera Store in Dubai: - Advance Media

One  of  the best and complete camera store I’ve been to, Advance Media has a wide variety of equipment and gears for videography, filmmaking, cinematography, and photography. DSLR Lenses, cine lenses, studio equipment, camera slider are all in here. From camera strap, to bags, to medium format cameras, to all every camera gear you need. Advance Media also has the most reputable brands worldwide and available in their store, Sony, Manfrotto, DJI, Zeiss, and a lot more. The salesmen are friendly and knows their products very well. And when you buy something from them, you have the piece of mind that you are guaranteed to have product warranties and you get after sales support when you need them. They also do ship products internationally within 3-5 days with international priority shipping.

To make it short, this is like a heaven for photographers and filmmakers in Dubai.

  • Advance Media Store timing: Sunday – Thursday @ 10 am – 7pm. Closed during Friday and Saturday
  • Contact Advance Media: Tel: +971 4 352 99 77 | Fax: +971 4 352 99 76 | Email:
  • Advance Media Website/Online shop:



2. Al Falak Electronics


Located on the ground floor of Deira City Center, Near Parking P3 entrance. 

Camera Store in Dubai: Al Falak Electronics

If you have been or near Deira city center, this is one of the camera store you can come by to buy with trust and confidence. Just a few blocks from the large electronics stores, you will find the Al Falak Electronics. You can buy most camera  equipment you need for professional or enthusiast level, like lenses, tripods, bags, UV filters, and more, this is the place for you. They offer lower prices on gears.

  • Al Falak Store timings: Monday – Sunday @ 10am – 11pm
  • Al Falak Contact Number: 04 295 5797
  • Al Falak Website/Online shop:



3. Dubai Cameras


Located at Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai – Dubai 

Camera Store in Dubai: Dubai Cameras by Asma Traders

Still looking for a more affordable camera store option? You can always come by this store, the Dubai Cameras in Al Fahidi street. They are the sole distributor of China brand JJC. They also sell Sigma lenses, Canon lenses, Sony lenses, Camera Bags, and some camera units. SJCAM (Good quality China brand action camera), an alternative to GoPro, is so also sold in this store as they are also the distributor here in Dubai . They have good and friendly salesmen, but since they have lower prices, I am having a thought that buying from these store won’t guarantee me warranty and good after sales support when I needed. But I haven’t have any problems with them. Still recommended if you want to save some cash.

Tip: You can bargain here. They will give you really low price.

  • Dubai Cameras Store timing: Monday – Sunday @ 10am – 11pm
  • Dubai Cameras Contact Number: 058 917 8286
  • Dubai Cameras Website/Online shop:



4. Swisstar Dubai


Located at Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai – Dubai 

Camera Store in Dubai: Swisstar

If you think that Dubai Cameras have the cheapest gears,. Well, Swistar camera store can give you lower prices than other camera stores. This is just a few blocks away from Dubai Cameras. The salesmen are friendly and won’t force you to buy the item you want to check. Checking on the products, some items looked opened, some boxes are torn and I felt that the item I might buy is broken and like in Dubai Cameras, I also felt like I don’t have any guarantee for warranty or good after sales support.

Tip: You can bargain here. They will give you really low price.

  • Store timing: Saturday – Thursday @ 10 am – 11pm, Friday @ 2pm – 11pm
  • Contact Number: 04 3539646 | 04 3536563
  • Website: None