GoPro HERO6 colored logo vs GoPro HERO6 gray logo, What’s the Difference?!?

I’ve seen a lot of questions about the GoPro Hero 6 Black confusion on colored logo and gray logo. I own the GoPro Hero 6 Black in gray logo and only seen the colored units on the internet. I spare some time to do some research about this and I have found the answer to this.

I have stumble upon this discussion on GoPro forums and jefft, the GoPro Community Manager, answered the question about this. You can visit the GoPro forum discussion here.

Basically, the difference between the HERO6 Black colored logo and gray logo is just the color of the logos. The colored logos HERO6 are the newer release units.

Is my GoPro Hero 6 with colored logo fake or geniune???

Since the first release of HERO6 units are in gray logo, some are skeptical about the colored units that they might bought a fake HERO 6. The answer to that is your HERO6 is Geniune.

Why does GoPro updated the HERO6 Logo color?

This is because the HERO5 and HERO6 looks identical, so for the HERO6 to be distinguished easily, they change the logo color on the newer releases of HERO6.

Are there any difference in performance??

No, They are both the same.