My List of Free Photography Spots in Dubai + Dubai Pictures

Having a hard time looking for free spots to shoot in Dubai? Looking for the perfect places and spots to fill up photos on your portfolio or your Instagram account? I have the top 10 free photography spots in Dubai plus Dubai Pictures. These spots are good for architectural, streets, and portrait photography.

NOTE: Avoid taking pictures of kids, ladies, and emiratis in Dubai as the rules in photography here is strict and might get you in trouble.

1. Burj Khalifa – It is the worlds tallest building and number one tourist destination in Dubai. This is also one of the most photogenic place and the Best Free Photography Spot in Dubai because thousands of people came here every day to take their best shot of the Burj Khalifa.

2. JBR Beach – This is an open beach for everyone who wants to chill and relax and also a nice free photography spot in Dubai for taking pictures with your family and friends. Do not intentionally take a picture of girls in their bikinis here or you will be in trouble!

3. Inside Dubai Mall – There are good views inside the mall but be mindful of taking pictures as there are a lot of people here.

4. Madinat Jumeirah – Have a nice view of the 7-star hotel in Dubai, the Burj al Arab. It is also a good photoshoot location and Free Photography Spot in Dubai.

5. Dubai old museum – Feel the old side of Dubai in Al Fahidi’s Old Museum.

6. Dubai Abra in Al Ghubaiba – A good spot for street photography in Dubai and also, flying pigeons are everywhere(during winter season). I do Photowalk here sometimes during the weekends.


7. Gold Souk – Just a boat ride from Al Ghubaiba Old Souk. Transportation fee is only 1AED and it is a very nice experience. Walking around here, you can find a lot of interesting subjects. Found some friendly people here wanted to take their picture on my camera. it is also a good spot for street photography in Dubai.

8. Ibn Battuta Mall – There are a lot of amazing architecture inside Ibn Battuta Mall. Be careful, do not intentionally take a picture of random people here.


9. Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Breathtaking tall and unique buildings around the area don’t miss to take a shot of the man-made lake in JLT Dubai.


10. Streets of Al Fahidi – A good spot for street photography. Capture a lot of interesting subjects and things around the area.


All pictures are mine and taken with Sony a6000. 

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What is your favorite Free Photography spots in Dubai? Share your photographs below.

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