Why do you need pay for expensive stock photos when you can get 100% free stock photos on these websites!

Before these free stock website came to us, we need to pay those stock photos for the license to use it commercially, for your blogs, websites, company, and businesses. Those stock photo websites plans are pretty much expensive especially if you just want to use it for personal projects, social media campaigns or blog posts.

Today I am going to share my 9 favorite free stock photo websites you can visit. High-quality images for free, no need for attribution to the author, no need to worry about copyright issues, and you can edit the photos on your own will. You can do everything you want with the photos on these websites but you also need to consider the terms of usage. Don’t forget to bookmark these websites!

The license of these free stock photos websites are almost the same, they use the CC0 License that means:

  • Free to use for any legal purpose.
  • Suitable for personal and commercial projects with no need for attribution. Although they always appreciate it when you can.
  • Use, copy, edit, or share that photo.

Please be aware of these things when using free stock photos:

  • Share the photos on your free stock photos website
  • Use them in degrading or illicit content
  • Claim the image as your own
  • Sell or redistribute the image. If you would like to pass the image to someone else, share the link so they can register and download it for themselves
  • Sell a printed version of the image
  • Use it in any way that a reasonable person would see as offensive, libelous, obscene, immoral or illegal
  • Use it in a manner that infringes someone else’s trademark or intellectual property.
  1. unsplash.com
  2. Pexels.comPexels - Free Stock Photos
  3. Stocksnap.ioFree Stock Photos - StockSnap.io
  4. Pixabay.comFree Stock Photos - Pixabay.com
  5. Negativespace.coFree Stock Photos - NegativeSpace.co
  6. shotstash.comFree Stock Photos - shotstash.com
  7. rawpixel.comFree Stock Photos - rawpixel.com
  8. Canva PhotosFree Stock Photos - Canva Photos
  9. pikwizard.comFree Stock Photos - Pikwizard

These free stock photos websites are very helpful for bloggers and designers because they won’t have any issues with the license as long as they follow the CC0 guidelines. This also applies to small or large businesses because they can save some money for images they need to use for their social and marketing campaigns.

Do you have other resources? Share yours below!