This is the right time to buy the GoPro Hero 6.

A week ago, I was on stuck deciding which action camera to get. It is between the Sony HDR-AS300, which is really my first choice, and the GoPro Hero 5. So I came over to one of the electronics store here in Dubai (Jumbo Electronics) to check out both cameras. Surprisingly, they reduce the price of GoPro Hero 6 by 400 aed (around $100) which makes it the same price range of the Sony HDR-AS300. So now, I am more confused which one to buy since the GoPro Hero 6 is better than the Hero 5.

But before buying my first action camera, I was just thinking of getting a small camera that I can just carry around (aside from my a6000) that I can just literally put on my pocket all the time, stabilized video, and featured pack. I read and watched a lot of reviews between the GoPro Hero 5, and Hero 6, and the Sony HDR-AS300, I was first discouraged to get the GoPro hero 6 because people are saying that it has a lot of bugs but that was just before the release of v1.6 firmware update. Then the sony has just an amazing stabilization and has better video quality.

I liked the Sony HDR-AS300 first because:

  1. Image stabilization is amazing
  2. Has better dynamic range, means better video quality
  3. I don’t need 4k resolution
  4. Better audio quality
  5. Has microphone jack
  6. Cheaper

But the downsides for me are:

  1. The separate live view screen
  2. Still needs a waterproof case
  3. Limited accessories options
  4. Not really that user-friendly.

The downsides I mention on the Sony action camera isn’t really a big issue to me. It is still my first choice because it produces better video quality and stabilization.


Things have changed when I came to the store. I asked one of the salesmen if what he thinks is a better choice. As expected, he recommended the GoPro Hero 6. Because the GoPro is the leader in action camera market and has a big price drop, from 1,999 AED(Around $500) to 1,599 AED ($435). I was deciding for like an hour before I make the purchase. Going back and forth to the store to check the GoPro and Sony action cameras. Then, I finally decided to get the GoPro Hero 6.
GoPro Hero 6 with Case

Here’s why I chose the GoPro Hero 6:

  1. Ease of use & featured-pack
  2. Really small & water resistant without a separate case
  3. Durability & Reliability
  4. Improved Image stabilization (Compared to the Hero 5 based on the videos I saw in youtube)
  5. Different field of view options
  6. Touchscreen view screen
  7. 240 FPS 1080p Video recording (I can achieve super smooth slow-motion.)
  8. Easily connect to the GoPro App
  9. Voice Command (I don’t really use this feature, but it might be useful for some situations)
  10. More resolution options
  11. Future proof (I don’t really need 4k now, but who knows I might use it in the future.)

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Like the Sony action camera, the Hero 6 has its own downsides:

  1. Gets hot when transferring photos. (I think it is normal)
  2. Sometimes freezes when viewing photos and videos.
  3. Will crop 10% of the video when stabilization is on
  4. No stabilization at 1080p 240fps.

I’ve been using the GoPro Hero 6 for the past few days. Just like I want, I put it in my pocket every day. Click on the record/shutter button, and point it to my subject, then click the shot button again to stop recording and it will automatically turn off. Click > Record > Click > Stop & Off. I also tested the video stabilization and quality, and it was all good. I am not expecting a DSLR like-video quality from this small camera, but everything is just fine, especially in well lit areas. During low-light situations, it will not perform the best especially when you want to set it to a higher frame rate.

These are my GoPro Hero 6 video settings during the day and night situations with ProTune turned on:

Morning outdoor walk around setup:

  • Resolution: 2.7k
  • Frame rate: 24-60fps
  • Color profile: GoPro or Flat(For color correction in post)
  • Shutter speed: auto
  • Sharpness: Medium
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 400
  • White Balance: Auto

Night low light outdoor walk around setup:

  • Resolution: 2.7k
  • Frame rate: 24fps or 30fps
  • Color profile: GoPro or Flat(for color correction in post)
  • Shutter speed: auto
  • Sharpness: Low or Medium
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 800
  • White Balance: Native or Auto

What is the main reason why I buy an action camera?

My main purpose of buying an action camera especially the GoPro Hero 6 is to create short film videos where I can just carry it around every day shooting videos without drawing attention to other people. I can also do POV shots, walking, running and creative shots from different angles without the worries of shaky footage and without any use of external gimbal.


GoPro Hero 6

As a first time GoPro user, the Hero 6 is not that bad (compared and based on a lot of angry people online complaining about the GoPro Hero 6) and I actually liked it. Using the camera just after you open it might get you disappointed. But what you just need to do is just upgrade the firmware version from v1 to v1.6 to fix all the out of the box GoPro Hero 6 Problems. The improved stabilization is really fine even if I am walking or running. The frame rates, video resolutions options, the field of view options, and ProTune are really amazing features and very flexible if you want to shoot a different type of angles and views.

GoPro Hero 6

Overall, for me, the GoPro Hero 6 is really a good buy even there are a lot of negative reviews online. Don’t just depend on them. You wouldn’t know how good the Hero 6 if you haven’t had or tried it.

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What are your concern or comments about the GoPro Hero 6? Do you already bought the Hero 6 or still reading other reviews? Ask me by commenting below, I will help as much as I can.

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