I have been a Sony shooter for the past two years. I mostly do trips & street photography around the UAE. I am starting from Sony a6000 to Sony a6300. I have done a lot of photos with it. I love the images & videos produced from it. Sony cameras are fantastic.

But I think there is a feeling I am looking for a camera. Something that will make my shooting enjoyable.

The Sony a7iii was on my wishlist because of the features it offers and one of the best hybrid mirrorless cameras to date. But man, the lenses are way too expensive for me.

So I decided to get the Fujifilm X-T3

Why I switched to Fujifilm? Here are five reasons why I switched from Sony to Fujifilm:

1. Firmware upgrades

Photo by Brad Pouncey on Unsplash

Sony’s firmware updates are once in a blue moon. If they want to add new feature and improvements, they’ll release a new camera.

In Fujifilm, they continually update their systems. They don’t just dump their previous system, they make new systems, and they also improve the old ones.

Jun Watanabe, the Fujifilm product planner, said on the Fujifilm X Summit 2019 in Dubai “The firmware update concept is clear.”, “Firmware never stops improving, and the technology is advancing day by day.”.

I love the philosophy of Fujifilm, and that is one thing that I liked about the brand.

2. Lens Choice

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Though Sony has an extensive set of lenses for their Sony APS-C cameras, most of their best lenses are for the full-frame, and it costs a lot, like really a lot.

Fujifilm has kept their lens choices for the most useful focal lengths, and that is a good thing because we don’t need to buy and buy more lenses. Ohhh… and the prices cost less for its quality.

Reddit user ITechTonicI, added the Fujifilm lens roadmap where we can see the lens lineup and even future lens they are making. This will help us decided whether to buy the previous lens or wait for the new one. You can check the Fujifilm X mount lens roadmap.

During the Fujifilm X Summit 2019 in Dubai, they are talking about how they make their lenses smaller without sacrificing quality and speed. They even are developing smaller medium format camera and lenses.

3. Look and Feel

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

I don’t know who doesn’t like the looks of Fujifilm cameras but man, they look classy. The build quality of their cameras is robust especially the Fujifilm X lineup.

Since this is my first time to own a Fujifilm system, my first impression was the build quality is superb compared to my previous Sony cameras. Having the Fujifilm X-T3 in my hands feels premium.

4. Buttons, Dials and Functions

Photo by AgĂȘ Barros on Unsplash

Though I was already familiar using the Sony, switching to Fuji wasn’t that hard to learn, and the menu system is more comfortable to navigate compared to Sony.

Having dedicated dials for ISO, shutter speed and aperture makes a different feel while using a camera. I did not experience using any vintage film SLR cameras before which shares the same style, but the use of this dials brings much joy shooting with the X-T3.

Just need a bit of practice and customisation to be confident using the system.

5. Colours

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

The different colour profiles on this camera are very flexible and have their look and characteristics straight out of the camera.

When comparing to my previous Sony system, which outputs very basic colours and has limited colour adjustments, Fujifilm gives you a lot more control with highlights, shadows, grain adjustments, and the colour chrome adjustments.

This will probably lessen the post-processing time for me as Fujifilm has the colours I am looking for.

Additional Points & Opinions:

  • Fujifilm focuses on making APS-C & Medium format cameras which are a good point in my opinion. They skip making a full-frame system because they know that there will be a small improvement from the APS-C. This will also keep consumers out of the urge to get and switch to expensive full-frame cameras and lenses.
  • Fujifilm focuses on photography and imaging systems v.s. Sony is a consumer electronics brand though Sony makes the sensor for various camera brands.
  • Looking at the past, Sony did make A-mount cameras and sadly were discontinued. How upsetting is that if I bought and built a set for the a-mount system before? That is one factor which pushes me to switch to Fujifilm because we don’t know if it will happen again to Sony.


Either of the two camera brands makes great cameras; it just depends on your choice and what suits your personality and style.

Fujifilm was the brand of my choice since before I started taking photos. But instead of getting a Fuji system two years ago, I decided to go with the Sony a6000. That time, I want to try taking photos and learn photography.

For me, the Fujifilm is a considerable upgrade from my Sony. I don’t mean the upgrade of the system but of the brand because I think that Fujifilm gives more value to their products.

(Cover Photo by Math on Unsplash)

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