We all know that we can only upload photos on Instagram using the mobile app right? WRONG! Well, thanks to Google Chrome “toggle device” feature, We can now upload photos on Instagram from PC on either Windows or Mac OS.

I’ve discovered this little trick a few weeks ago and I think this is worth sharing as it can help people who edit their photos on laptop or PC, for people who don’t want to transfer photos from PC to their mobile phones and to reduce the process of uploading photos on Instagram especially for photographers and social media influencers.

Things you’ll Need:

5 Steps to Post on Instagram from PC

1.Open your Google Chrome browser then go to Instagram website and log in your account.

2. Right-click on an empty space and click on inspect.

3. The element console will pop-up, then just click on the “toggle device toolbar” option.

4. Refresh Google Chrome and close the inspect element console.

5. Wallah! You now have the full Instagram option and you can now directly post on Instagram from your PC.

Addition: You can also add Instagram stories directly from your PC!

This simple trick will be helpful for those who edit photos on laptop or computer. 

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